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Sarah Hill

Home Childcarer

This childcarer lives in: Brighton
Location of childcare work: Brighton - Queens Park/Hanover area. Tarnerland/Royal Spa catchment

* next upcoming availability will be January 2022 *

I have a calm, playful, connection-based approach.

I love helping children enjoy time in nature, and facilitating creativity of all kinds- music (especially singing), art, crafts, building, baking, imaginative play, stories...

I love nurturing children's natural passion for learning through play and exploration, and I never stop being inspired by all they have to teach me in turn.

Highly experienced working with children with many different disabilities and individual needs for over 15 years including challenges with socialising, interacting, communication, movement, behaviour and learning. This includes over 5 years working as a nanny and helping run specialist play/home ed programmes for children on the autism spectrum, and 4 years working as a support assistant in specialist schools and colleges.

Alongside my childcare work I’m working to soon be certified as a HANDLE Practitioner. It's a gentle and innovative approach for people with learning challenges, looking at underlying developmental issues and tailoring individual activity programmes for them.

I’m interested in RIE/Montessori/Peaceful parenting/Whole brain child etc.

I'm a parent of a preschooler.

Top childcare motto: 'start with empathy'!

Other details

£11.00 Per hour
Cost description
£12.50 per hour for 2 children. More than 2 children; hourly rate negotiable. £8 per hour working with 2 families at the same time. Notice of 4 weeks.

Opening Times

Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 8.30am 3.30pm
Tuesday 8.30am 3.30pm
Wednesday 8.30am 3.30pm
Thursday 8.30am 3.30pm
Friday 8.30am 3.30pm


Further information
These hours may be a little flexible depending on your requirements. I have part time availability mostly alongside the children I am currently looking after- get in touch to discuss!


Special needs experience
Special needs experience details
Physical difficulties, requiring special handling, equipment or physiotherapy, Motor Impairment, Communication difficulty/delay requiring alternative means of communication, Medical needs requiring special care, feeding or medication, Multiple or profound needs, requiring high levels of support, Challenging Behaviour, Learning Difficulty, Continence difficulties


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