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Eleanor Harris

Home Childcarer

This childcarer lives in: Hove
This childcarer works in: Anywhere in the city

I have been working in early years for 15 years in pre-schools and childminding.

I have a diploma in preschool practice and have done lots of training; understanding resilience was a particularly interesting one. Most recently, I have been learning about how music can be used as a tool for well being, learning and development.

I love to do art work with children using different mediums to express themselves. I was an art and design teacher before starting my career in childcare. I love music, singing and dancing, and children's books are a passion for me, I like to make book bags to play out the stories in the books with props.

I feel very lucky to live in this beautiful city with so many great places to visit with children and love to take them out to explore and make the most of it. I have a little allotment and have previously been involved in allotment groups with children.

I have a cat at home and love cats; dogs, I need to get to know before I feel comfortable around them. I do drive and love to use the car to go on adventures but not every day if I can help it. I can also speak a little bit of Spanish.

Contact details

Contact Name
Eleanor Harris
07506 332978

Other details

£9.00 Per hour
Cost description
£2.00 per extra child, per hour. £12.00 per hour, late evenings and weekends. Deposit required in advance. 4 weeks notice.

Opening Times

When is childcare available?
Evenings (from 6pm)


Further information
Monday to Friday, I am available on alternate weeks from 7am - 3pm and 9am - 5pm. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Special needs experience
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Physical difficulties, requiring special handling, equipment or physiotherapy, Motor Impairment, Medical needs, requiring special care, feeding or medication, Challenging Behaviour, Continence difficulties, Chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema or diabetes


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