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Wendy Clements

Home Childcarer

This childcarer lives in : Seven Dials area
Location for work: Anywhere in the City

I have worked with children for the last 6 years. I have worked in a therapeutic residential setting looking after children at nights, and have also worked as a trainee nursery assistant for 4 months, with early years children. I served in the forces for 12 years. I have 10 GCEs and various childcare courses including paediatric first aid.
I enjoy being outdoors and active with children. I am also very nurturing and can adapt well, even in difficult situations. I respect children's individuality and like to encourage them to be their best at whatever they enjoy.

Ofsted inspection grading: Met (March 2020)

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£11.00 Per hour
Cost description
Per extra child - £2 per hour Unsocial hours after 6pm - £10 per hour Weekends - £10 per hour Overnight - £75 Deposit - £50 Notice - 2 weeks
Age Range
0 years to 16 years.

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Inspection DateInspection TypeInspection Judgement
12/03/2020Inspection (Childcare Register)Met
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