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Support for all the family

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Most families need a helping hand at one time or another, and whilst your children are growing up there are a range of services and professionals whose role is to provide support when you need it. These professionals can either offer you direct help, or signpost you onto other services. They can also refer you and your family for more help depending on your needs. This could include:

• The Family information Service tailors their advice service to meet your needs, from providing information on this directory, to delivering advice on their helpline. They can also offer enhanced support, whereby an Adviser can work with you for up to six weeks on a range of practical issues such as finances and benefits, finding childcare, food crisis or helping you to apply for a school place.

• Often when one person in a family has a problem, it will affect other people in the family. Early Help brings together professionals who will work with the whole family to try and make things better for everyone. This could include workers from schools, health visiting, the youth service and a range of other services. Find out more about Early Help and how to get referred. 

• If you have serious concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing you should contact the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) on 01273 290400.

If you would like to discuss your needs and find out about the different types of help that are available, you can contact the Family Information Service, or talk to one of the professionals listed below.

Age of child Who can help What they do           
Unborn Your midwife Midwives are based at your local children’s centre  and provide pre and post natal care for you and your baby. They also link with other services that can support your family in a variety of ways.
Birth to school age Your Children’s Centre Team Midwives, Health Visitors and Early Years Visitors are all part of your local children’s centre team. They can offer one to one and group support depending on your level of needs, as well as refer you onto other services that can help.
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5 and up  School staff  A well as providing education, schools play an important role in supporting families. Some have staff who are specifically employed in a pastoral role, for example early help co-ordinators. In other schools the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) may be the first port of call for help and support. Teaching staff can also signpost and refer families to appropriate sources of help. In the first instance, speak to a member of staff at your child’s school.




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